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Recycling helps keep dangerous heavy metals such as antimony, silver, chromium, zinc, lead, tin, copper and mercury out of the environment. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the problem of global warming.

Protect against hazardous waste

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E-waste is the fastest growing form

of municipal waste, increasing at a staggering

5 percent each year. The quantity and toxicity of this waste represent a serious potential risk if not properly managed.

Manage your e-waste

Do your part to keep dangerous metals and other materials out of the environment with our flexible strategies for recycling your scrap metals.

Scrap metal is another serious problem for the environment. Recycling allows for new products to be made from the metal, reducing landfill congestion, water use, electricity use, and water and air pollution, as well as reduce the final cost to the consumer. Bring your scrap metal, including aluminum, brass, copper, and steel, in and receive competitive prices.

Make extra money by recycling scrap metal

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